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GAUGE 8 (dc, ch-1) sps = 4" Instructions: SLEEVE (make 2) Starting at lower edge above border, ch 63. Row 3: Ch 3, turn; (sc in next ch 2 sp, ch 3) across; sc in last sc. FINISHING With yarn needle, weave sleeve seam with edges butted. Pin edge of cap under edge of sweater armband, with seams matching and center top at shoulder seam.Row 1: Dc in 5th ch from hook, *ch 1, sk next ch, dc in next ch; repeat from * across (30 ch-1 sps; counting ch-4 as 1 sp). SHAPING THE CAP Row 31: Ch 1, turn; sl st in 2nd dc, next ch and dc (2 sps dec), ch 4, dc in next dc, (ch-1, dc in next dc) across to last 2 sps; do not work in last 2 sps (22 ch-1 sps). Row 4: Ch 4, turn; (dc in next ch-3 sp, ch 1) across, dc in last st. With matching thread, slipstitch armband to sleeve from right side.

Advocates provide supportive counseling that includes safety planning, education on the dynamics of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking, assistance in establishing an Action Plan and setting personal goals, and providing information and referrals.

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I have just finished writing a more in-depth follow up book, titled “Your Inner Critic Is A Big Jerk”, which was released Fall 2016 both as a hardcover and as an audio book. I’ve worked as a designer and Creative Director for years, but have never stopped loving and creating art.

After decades of looking at beautiful contemporary art and thinking “Damn, I wish I thought of that”, I decided to say it out loud, and was born.