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Deidre is at her computer, putting the finishing touches to next Saturday's column.

"But we have had 29-and-a-half years to perfect it." On a recent Tuesday, I visited the nondescript converted flat – about an hour from London, and, metaphorically at least, still further from the diktats of Rupert Murdoch – where that system is housed.

Every one has received a reply from Deidre with her Bedfordshire-based team of assistants.

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Deidre casts a judicious eye over the offending copy.

I’ve always been interested in what makes people tick, why some relationships work and others don’t, and as we grow up how we tend to re-enact things from our earlier years.

Do you see yourself predominantly as a journalist or a counsellor? You must be a strong journalist to get the story across.

Hailing from Tyneside, Denise's catchphrase is 'doooooon't worry,' said in a soft, reassuring Sunderland burr.

When she shuffles off this mortal coil, Denise's most likely successor will be Cheryl Cole.