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The sender also receives swatches of shirts worn by others to smell and determine which scent they like.If two people like one another's smell, Smell Dating provides contact information for both parties.

Then return the used T-shirt to the company so they can cut it up to send to potential mates.Then, the client receives 10 other people’s shirts in the mail.Once the client gets a good whiff of each one, they pick the one that smells the best.A truly interesting perfume teaches you the invisible textures of the world, forces you to think in is supposedly the first mail-odor dating service; Tinder but for fumeheads like me, who find the concept of your smell more interesting than an incredibly pre-planned profile. There’s not artful selection of profile photos that show you’re hot, but also chill, that you have hot friends (but nobody way hotter than you because this is your profile not theirs) and love to travel — but totally anything at all that you can control. They even say so on the site: "Smell dating delivers you from prejudicial cultural images that interfere with the ancient cues of attraction.