Adult swirling hookups

Synopsis: Keeping his new bride, a hopeless but happy nymphomaniac, satisfied is a full time job for her harried husband.

Charlie can't help herself as she seduces and is seduced by everyone in the neighborhood as well as her coworkers, and discovers that many of her new conquests are as kinky in their own way as she is.

Otherwise it must be posted in its entirety, including these notices. The first time convict is “chipped.” That is, a computer chip (actually a complicated system of chips) is implanted in their brain.

It may not be sold, or included in any compilation that is sold, or posted on any forum that requires a fee for access, without my written permission. It allows real time tracking, and also allows the controller to shut down or turn on specific brain functions on command.

For example, enter "giraffe" and you'll get back words like "gazellephant" and "gorilldebeest".

On our honeymoon I turned a blind eye as she picked up guys out by the pool and let them take her to their rooms so they could bang her brains out.

I wasn't bothered by her appetite for hard cock, but overnight was a bit too much for this brand spanking, new husband.

She claimed she fucked over thirty guys, lots of them more than once.

Let's face it; she looked like a porn star, too much makeup and a set of tits that were an unreal 38D.

We started having words when she left with a group of guys who wanted to gangbang her and didn't come back until the afternoon of the next day.