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As the logo suggests, Omegle is an online chat website where users have free reign to talk to anyone they wish.

The website is reportedly full of online predators looking to groom young people into exchanging contact information with hopes of arranging a meeting.

Popular apps and sites amongst teenagers can often include inappropriate content and a risk of cyberbullying and grooming.

We've narrowed down some of the most popular apps and websites teenagers are using today.

" Vanessa did a quick Google search and found that all of her personal information could be easily tracked down using the White Pages, so she immediately hid the information from the public and went to her local police station to file a report.

Things quieted down after that, but one day, she checked the Facebook group's page and saw a post that included pictures of her father taken from his Facebook profile, along with his old street address.

“I am a avid republican and truly believe that Trump will save our country,” one user, with the handle @brittl88, wrote in the section of her profile asking to describe her political views.

"I’m also impressed by Google’s commitment to enabling these same talented people to tackle some of the world’s most interesting and important problems."Bradley Horowitz, Google's vice president of streams, photos and sharing, confirmed the news in a tweet posted Monday.4chan was created by Poole in 2003 when he was 15 years old, and has transformed into one of the Internet's top destinations. Most notably, in 2014, 4chan hosted several leaked nude images of celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton.The website, WASP Love, bills itself as a place for people who identify with various forms of white supremacy—”Traditional Christian, white nationalism, heritage, preservation, Quiverfull, Confederate, Southern Nationalist, Christian Identity, Kinism, alt-right”—to find like-minded mates for “dating, courtship [and] marriage.” “Finally!The dating site for those wishing to preserve their heritage,” the site’s founder, whose handle on the site is @Stonewall, wrote in an inaugural post when WASP Love launched in February.Gianluca Stringhini spends his days in some of the shadier corners of the internet.As a cybercrime researcher at University College London, he has studied ransomware, online-dating scams and money laundering.